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corruptpudding has started a donation pool!
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I super duper want to commission from the fabulous DoctorCritical ~
Any bit helps! I will be sure to sketch/draw something for those who donate :3

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    Donated Jun 11, 2014, 10:29:31 PM
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    Donated Feb 16, 2014, 2:59:10 PM

    Tremble. That was the word. It was not simply rage or grief or shock. But tremble. As that was all his body could do. Every hair, every muscle fiber, every nerve could only quiver with emotion while stormy eyes looked on from a distance. Alabaster had been trailing the bachelors and their hostages since the near beginning, waiting to make a move. Doing so, however, was becoming increasingly difficult.

    His lame leg could not tolerate the quick movement he demanded it to provide. At first he had ignored the sharp, agonizing fireworks that exploded from his left cannon down; his urgency was too great to slow down for so selfish a reason as his own personal afflictions. But the pain had reached a point that his hoof could no longer touch the ground when he paused, and only for rapid, excruciating seconds when he walked. He was clumsy and making too much noise when he moved and would now have to follow those demented bachelors from a greater distance.

    The ground suddenly gave way to a short, but steep slope, and Alabaster had to make a wild swerve to keep from tumbling down. He stumbled anyway and bit his lip, hard, to  avoid from crying out. Shakily, he recovered, and stood in silence for a moment, his injured leg bent away from the ground. He closed his eyes and took a deep breath, his mind suddenly flooded memory as he recalled how he gotten here.

    Refusing to join the rest of the herd in their journey, he’d taken it upon himself to keep Arabella and Cool Runnings safe. He had been especially distressed over Arabella’s wellbeing, seeing as the oracle had prophesied both bachelors and war. Everyone knew what those monsters did to mares. When his brilliant plan had backfired he and his companions had made a slow, painful trip to catch up with the others. Their only accomplishments had been to starve and freeze in the winter storms, not to mentions Alabaster laming his leg and that horrible feeling of shame upon reuniting with the Olde. He had been wrong to lead the others astray. And now look where all his troubles had gotten him? Arabella had been stolen by the bachelors anyway, even after everything he had tried to do to protect her. War had been declared among the two herds, which certainly meant death and more pain. And where was he now? Standing, with much difficulty, upon an enemy herd’s island, watching helplessly as his lovely niece was herded along by a couple of heartless bastards.

    What was the use of waiting any longer? Though he knew they would overpower him, he had to do something to defend Arabella and Nivinara! His coat a mud streaked mess, the young stallion prepared to blow his cover when…something…call it intuition, stopped him.  He turned around, careful not to rustle the foliage that sheltered him. He had been careful to stay hidden while stalking the bachelors. Even his lovely white coat had been neglected. He smelled like ocean water and was spattered from head to hoof in all sorts of organic matter. It took him a moment, but he finally saw it. The fleeting forms of two other equines. He shuddered, mistaking them at first for more bachelors, but quickly rethinking such a theory. Despite the distance blurred shapes they seemed…familiar somehow…


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Sketch/lined- 1 point
Headshot (colored) - 5 points
Full body (colored) – 10 points
Full picture (with bg) – 15 points
+1 point for every extra character/creature

Material Objects:
(Prices may vary according to materials needed/used, but each example price includes the shipping)

Small Box/tin- $10.00 - $13.00
Alabaster Treasure Tin by corruptpudding

Charm (can be made into a keychain, earrings, magnet, etc.)- $3.00 - $5.00
Scatterpaw Key Chain by corruptpudding

I can only ship in the United States due to shipping costs. If you want to order an object not specified here then please send a note! <3

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