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Glory and Gore II Sthenelus II Deceased by corruptpudding
Glory and Gore II Sthenelus II Deceased
And the cry goes out
They lose their minds for us
And how it plays out
Now we're in the ring
And we're coming for blood


This is to confirm Sthenelus's death (The original Snake). His friend, (and the character I'm replacing him with) Ze'ev, has taken on the nickname Snake as a sort of remembrance to his old friend (also because I had a plot idea surrounding the name that I didn't want to give up XD).

(If anyone is interested in involving their character that would be great! Plus it could be more interesting for future interactions :) Just message me~)

Summary: While Snake and Scorpion are scavenging on their island they encounter a group of rival horses. The two of them are outnumbered. Scorpion is knocked unconscious and presumed dead by his attackers. Snake loses his concentration to focus momentarily on his fallen comrade when another horse lands a fatal blow, crushing his windpipe. Upon Scorpion's reawakening, the other horses are gone and he has trouble remembering much. Who were they? Had they said anything to indicate their motives? He just can't recall. He mourns his dead friend and then returns to the herd, responding only to the alias of Snake.

(If anyone responds to offer their horse as one of the attackers then I can make a more detailed response, if not then I'll write one anyway within a few days.)
Snake ll Scavenger ll Bachelor Herd by corruptpudding
Snake ll Scavenger ll Bachelor Herd
(Temporary art)

Name: Ze'ev Scorpion Snake
Gender: Stallion
Age: 20 years
Herd: Bachelors
Location: Eastern Isle
Rank: Scavenger
Breed: Knabstrupper X Thoroughbred X Unknown
Height: 16 hands

Pronounces his 'A' and 'O' with a sort of drawn out 'U' or 'uhhh'. Usually slow, calm, smooth, and with a sarcastic undertone. Rami Malek's Tahno voice acting.

Song:  Cooler Than Me

Written Description: Greying bay semi-leopard appaloosa;
Thoroughbred build. Long, slender neck and legs. Has a long and slightly wavy brown-black mane and tail. His forelock is long enough to hide at least most of his X scar if positioned correctly. Brown and black dappled body, black legs and brown and white appaloosa spots. Mostly white back, haunches, and some neck. Black-white-grey striped hooves. Yellow eyes.


Creep {Seductive} {Player}- "How 'bout some private lessons, sweet?"

Arrogant{Chauvinist} {Womanizer}- "Wait, I know what that is, its the scent of losers."

Douchebag {Jerk}- "Don't like me? Well, I don't wake up everyday to impress you."

Pretty Boy- *dramatically gorgeous hair flip* "Hey doveling, why don't you come for a little walk with me? I'm much nicer to look at than these uglies."

Sardonic {Sarcastic} {Liar} {Silver tongued} {Rude}- "You have a very annoying habit called 'your existence'."

Schadenfreude {Cold} {Cruel} - "My silence could mean you're not worth my time."

Charismatic- "Come to join the cool kids, squirt?" Despite his trunk load of overbearingly awful traits including, but not limited to, an overinflated ego, sexist mindset, and perverted habits... he has a sort of charisma, likely an offset of his extremely flirty and overly confident demeanor. Some individuals find his personality very compelling while others are utterly revolted.


Our protagonist begins his life's journey just like anyone else: Birth. Sired by an elite scavenger stallion and a lady brood, he received the respect as was due to one of such esteemed birth; a very likely source to his over-inflated ego. But a few short days after his first breath, the youngling was subject to a most unusual practive on his father's behalf. He was removed from his dam's side before the brood was thoroughly imprinted upon his mind. Only one thing strained to cling to his memory, a name. Ze’ev, she had called him. 
It was a mare's job to care for the foals, not a stallion's, they had more important things to do. Or at least this was the mindset among the Bachelor herd. Ze'ev's father also harbored the sexist view common among the stallion's of the bachelor herd, but to a whole different level. No mere mare was worthy enough to raise a son of his. Therefore, the only solution was to take on the encumbrance of fatherhood himself.

His father left him little time to ponder over such trivial details as to his mother’s identity. On but one occasion Ze'ev had chanced to asked his father who the brood that birthed him might be, but received only the most vague of answers. His sire claimed that she was too young and foolish a mare to have cared for him properly, that it was far better he be raised among a predominantly male infrastructure, as segregated from the mares, and most especially his mother, as was possible. Ze’ev never brought up the matter again. He didn’t feel the compelling need to receive the affection and nurturing care often depicted of the mother figure, so why bother trying to figure out who she was? He was nursed and sporadically foal-sat by the broods of the herd, but none in particular reached out to him. They just did as they were bid and offered him sustenance enough to live until foliage would serve his nutritional requirements.

Ze'ev's father was of a naturally grim, arrogant disposition alighted with sporadic temper flares; especially when things weren't going his way. He wasn't inanely cruel to his offspring, if a bit harsh at times. He was watchful and meticulous, correcting everything he perceived as a fault within his son, which chanced to be very little, go figure. He encouraged the conceited and cruel habits of his child. Stealing was praised, bullying applauded, and the disdain upon mares greatly commended by his sire. No colt of his would be pushed around! His foal would be strong and cunning and a proper Bachelor stallion. He wouldn't let a mare soil the mind of his perfect charge! Ze'ev and his father were a way. They didn't share a lovey-dovey bond by any means. Ze'ev respected his father and was easily shaped into the corrupted, narrow-minded stallion infamous as a bachelor stereotype. His father, in turn, was exceedingly proud of his fine 'work' and hardly a moment went by when he wasn't boasting of his son's supremacy.

Ze'ev was perhaps in his mid-teens when he met Sthenelus. The two clicked instantly. Their similar personalities and mindsets steered them upon numerous paths leading to trouble. They became nearly inseparable, the closest of friends. Rumors occasionally circulated of their being 'too close'. They even scrapped their old names for the nicknames they gave one another. Sthenelus became known as Snake for his silver tongue and Ze’ev was referred to as Scorpion for his sharp remarks. They used the aliases so frequently that it caught on among other members of the herd and their original names were soon forgotten by most of their associates. The two stallions chose the same occupation, Scavenging.

On a relatively recent date, an occurrence of most detrimental consequences ensued. Snake and Scorpion were scavenging together among the ruins of the fallen city when a gang of equines jumped them, or so Scorpion later reported. They were outnumbered and a vicious battle erupted among the horses. Snake was fatally wounded while Scorpion had been knocked unconscious and presumed dead by the intruders. When the young stallion awoke to the lifeless corps of his childhood friend, he mourned exceedingly before returning to the bachelors, worn out and bloody to recount the tale. Due to his head injury, he couldn't recall much for in-depth detail or even the identity of their attackers. From that day forward, he changed his name to Snake, in remembrance of his old friend.


Mother- Bat-Sheva


Sthenelus ll Deceased ll Bachelor by corruptpudding
Sthenelus ll Deceased ll Bachelor
Description: A stallion of strongly influenced thoroughbred decent. His black coat, mane, and tail all shone with a raven's blue hues in the right light. His sickly yellow eyes fitted into place upon his moon-white face. A snowy stocking and three white crowns all decorated his long, gangly legs. The X upon his forehead was thin and right between the eyes.

Personality: A cruel, apathetic jerk. The typical bachelor stallion scavenger. He looked down on the opposite gender, enjoyed sparring battles, and showed off whenever the chance presented itself. The whole package.

History: Sthenelus went by the commonly used alias of Snake. He was nearly inseparable from Scorpion. When he passed away, Scorpion took on his name.
Snake Plot Meme by corruptpudding
Snake Plot Meme…
23 year old Scavenger stallion of the bachelor herd~

True Colors:
Snake will try and 'seduce' your mare, but she keeps turning him down. Finally, fed up with their little game, he strikes out and tries to force her to his will. She may get hurt or even worse, possibly pregnant, but it really depends on what you're willing to allow. I think this could be really interesting, especially if its with a mare of another herd who reports him or something. Or maybe a lady of the bachelors... as forcing a lady into anything can result in his being punished. Maybe she is a loner or slave though, and has no one to turn to for help? giving her a bit of darker history? Or maybe its the other way around and she escapes, giving Snake a scar in the process and thus ensuring he will seek vengeance?

I'll do up to two differing rps based on this plot~

Herd: Any, Loner included

Far From a Happy Ending:
The two of them may form a faint bond or even unrequited love. Perhaps the mare feels forced into the relationship? He may have his gentlemanly moments, but he'll never truly love her. 
How their relation begins could also be made interesting? Perhaps he just picked her out of the crowd and decided to stick around longer than he usually does? Or maybe he captured her and brought her to the Bachelor herd?
WARNING: Their relationship may even be abusive at times. HOWEVER, I'm not all that fond of writing explicitly violent or sensual themes XP So it won't be anything really hard to handle.
On a side note, I'll do my best to make quite a bit of art of these to~

Only accepting one mare for this position~

Herd: Any, preferably Bachelor, though she must reside on the Eastern Isle and, if from another herd/or a loner, it would be nice if she joined the Bachelors at some point. Either by force/trick or her own decision.

Jar of Hearts:
This is something he does all the time, tricking mares into thinking he's a 'good guy' until he gets what he wants and then tacking a sick pleasure in watching their hearts break upon discovering they were tricked. What's her reaction? Will she lash out or maybe just cry quietly to herself? Maybe she'll even end up a mother?

Always open.

Herd: Any, loners to.

Round Up:
Either your mare is wandering the Eastern Isle when he finds her, or he is trespassing on other islands. Part of his job as a scavenger is capturing broods and bring them back to the herd. If your mare is already in the bachelor herd, maybe he is the one who found her and brought her there? Or maybe this takes place in the present?
Will she escape by fighting/tricking/bribing/luck or be captured?

Always open.

Herd: Any, loners to~

I rp by note best but am willing to try Google docs and other stuff... just no Skype, sorry :P 


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39 / 1,000
I super duper want to commission from the fabulous DoctorCritical ~
Any bit helps! I will be sure to sketch/draw something for those who donate :3

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OMG Somebody please help me!!!!!!!!!!!!
I've struck an absolute tragedy!!!
So I've had this character idea for an eternity right? His personality, history, even a sibling or two...but I JUST CAN'T COME UP WITH A DESIGN.
All I have is 10 points and a little bit of spare time to draw something in return... not very enticing right? so... for anyone who can come up with a lovely design I will make you for real. A necklace/box I dunno...I just tend to think they turn out looking better than my drawings. If you want to see some examples of what I can do other than what's in my gallery I can send you a link to my other (non rp) account which has a ton of stuff on it.
It can even be a design you already had lying around!!!
I do have some ideas of his appearance though....
He is a horse, a bachelor for chevalin wanderlust.
* mane must be at least mostly black
*I really like the dark/eye shadow effect some people do with their characters, and I really really would like him to have that, whether a spot or whatever
* he is a thoroughbred and has an especially slender neck (this doesn't have to be as emphasized since its just a general color scheme I'm wanting)

He is really based off Robbie from Gravity falls and especially Tahno from the legend of Korra.


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CW | Bachelor Pride | Stamp by Elesette

:iconcommissionsopen: :iconarttradeopenplz:


Sketch/lined- 1 point
Headshot (colored) - 5 points
Full body (colored) – 10 points
Full picture (with bg) – 15 points
+1 point for every extra character/creature

Material Objects:
(Prices may vary according to materials needed/used, but each example price includes the shipping)

Small Box/tin- $10.00 - $13.00
Alabaster Treasure Tin by corruptpudding

Charm (can be made into a keychain, earrings, magnet, etc.)- $3.00 - $5.00
Scatterpaw Key Chain by corruptpudding

I can only ship in the United States due to shipping costs. If you want to order an object not specified here then please send a note! <3

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